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Smarter Traveler recognizes the town of Treasure Island with:
- Best Beach Town For Sunsets
- One of the Ten Best Beach Towns in America

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Best place to watch a sunset

Best place to watch a sunset

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Treasure Island Florida Sunsets

"America's Best Sunsets"

In Treasure Island, Florida you will find the most spectacular sunsets in America, if not the world. With a three mile expanse of uninterrupted westward facing beach, and 361 days of sunshine per year, the island provides a perfect place to enjoy a sunset any time, any season.

"Best Beach Town for Sunsets"

Treasure Island (TI) was awarded this esteemed recognition from the acclaimed travel website Smarter Traveler in their annual selections.

To be singled out as the town with the best sunsets by such a prominent travel publication only reconfirms what those of us who live here, or have visited, already knew. Treasure Island, Florida has the Best Sunsets in America.

Where to Watch the Sunset

There are three miles of uninterrupted beach. All of the photos on this site were taken from Treasure Island Beach. On each end of the island the beach is narrow, whereas in the middle the beach is very wide.

The northern end of the beach is narrow and is fronted on the north by John's Pass. This pass between the Gulf of Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay has very swift currents and is a good place for a probable dolphin sighting while taking in a sunset.

The central beach is wide... very wide... like three city blocks. This area is a good place to enjoy the sun setting over the sand. It is also an excellent area to watch the water fowl (birds) play at sunset. The sand bars are more prominent in this expanse allowing one to wander far into the sea towards the setting sun.

To the south is Sunset Beach. The beach in this area is also narrow and it is a slightly more westward facing beach then the central beach area. As the name implies, it's a great beach for sunsets.

When to Watch the Sunset

This is not a trick question. Sunset views are seasonal as the set moves from south west in the winter to west in the summer. Seasons also affect what's in the sky. In the summer you can expect late afternoon / evening showers which offer great cloud formations to go along with the sunset. In October and April, there are more birds then normal as they migrate their way north or south. Large flocks of birds flying in front of a TI sunset at these times of years is a fantastic sight.

TI Sunset Chart

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